About me

My name is Leo. I was born in Hamburg in 2003. Connected to the North of Germany I live in Lübeck now and onboard since I am 10 years old. Now, ten years later I want to fulfill my dream of cruise sailing. Just loosen the mooring lines and leave the home port, Lübeck stowed with provision, spare parts and dream of distant cultures and untouched bays.

Sindbad and me

The first time I sailed was in 2011. On board of Sindbad my family and me sailed in the Bay of Lübeck. In the following years we sailed to the South Funen Archipelago and the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

In 2013 my parents bought a second ship. It was a fishing vessel from 1958 with a modern sail rig. We converted the inside to a living ship in just six months. From January 2014 we lived onboard of the ship called Krista Rud. Due to wonderful sailing trips to Danish coasts, Sweden and Bornholm Sindbad was moved less and less. The condition of the sailing yacht suffered from it. On the other site my sailing skills greatly improved by all the experience.

When I turned 16 in 2019 I was allowed to get the license to drive pleasure crafts in inland and coastal waters. I received it the day after my birthday and passed the SRC (Short-Range Certificate) just a few weeks later.