Round the world clean

As a long-awaited dream I want to sail a long trip on Sindbad without having a tight time schedule or a fixed date when I need to come back. I would love to experience different cultures, live styles and remote places all over the world. Moreover, I want to understand and feel the world as a whole and experience the size of our world. My sailing yacht Sindbad is the place where I learned sailing the first times. Additionally, I live onboard of Sindbad and it will also be my place of living and my transport vehicle when I sail around the world.

Nature and climate crisis

As a sailor I want to experience nature in its untouched beauty. Dramatically this is not possible in the same way as it was only a few decades ago. The climate crisis is caused and speed up by us humans. Oceans acidify, the atmosphere is polluted by green house gas and hundreds of animal species die. This all happens in a short period of time, especially compared to the long time our Earth has formed the nature in its wonderful way. We definitely need to do our very best to stop the climate crisis and preserve the nature.

Therefore I plan to sail around the world in a clean way. Although it won’t be easy sometimes, I want to experience the fascinating nature of our blue planet without having a negative impact on it. Unfortunately it is not possible to reduce the pollution caused to me to zero, but I want to limit it as much as possible. Our climate system is build to compensate an amount of gas emission. We limit this compensation by harming the flora and we produce an excessive amount of greenhouse gases. All in all, I do not plan to produce no emissions, but to limit them as much as possible.

Sailing is a historical and ecologically friendly way of moving and transporting. Nevertheless the production of many yachts does not aim for the longest lifetime of their boats and more and more toxic waste is produced when yachts are scrapped. In this point of view Sindbad has done a fair way to nature so far. Build in 1930 it has a long lifetime already and is still in a very original shape. Consequently the emissions by boat production and possible toxic waste are faced with a long use.

The dream of discovering the world

I would be honored to show people the possibility of discovering the beauty of this earth without having a bad impact on it. In todays times it is more important than ever before to understand the world and the ecological system as a whole. To discover remote natural places and understand the human’s impact on it, is the best way to raise awareness for the importance of environmental protection. With my sailing project, the use of sustainable and reused resources I would like to inspire others to follow this path.