Thank you for considering supporting the “Beyond Horizon” project! Your contribution can make a significant difference in helping me fulfill my dream of sailing around the world in a sustainable and clean manner on the historic sailing yacht Sindbad. Here are some ways you can support the project:

1. Financial Support

Financial support plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of this ambitious endeavor. Your generous donations will help cover essential expenses such as equipment maintenance, boat upgrades, and the acquisition of sustainable resources. By contributing financially, you become an integral part of the journey, helping to preserve the beauty of our planet and inspiring others to follow a similar path. Financial support is particularly valuable in enabling me to invest in new sails, a critical component for safe and efficient navigation.


2. Donation of Goods

If you have any items that could be of use during the voyage, your donation would be greatly appreciated. By donating equipment or materials that I would have otherwise needed to purchase new, you directly contribute to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of the project. Items such as old sea charts, navigational instruments, or other sailing-related equipment not only enhance the authenticity of the journey but also promote the ethos of reusing and repurposing resources, which is an effective way to reduce waste and protect our planet.

Your financial support, in addition to the donation of goods, helps me continue my journey with a reduced negative impact on the environment. Together, we can demonstrate the importance of responsible and sustainable travel, while preserving the awe-inspiring wonders of our planet for future generations.

To contribute financially or discuss any form of support, please reach out to me via the contact information provided on this website.

Thank you for your consideration and for being part of this extraordinary adventure!